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How do memberships work?

To apply for Membership:

  1. Go to the main menu ,  on your upper right side click on  “Membership”
  2. Choose accordingly your plan, for VIP Membership, Gold Membership, Premium Membership or Standard Membership. Then carefully read the opportunities that each category of membership offers.
  3. Follow gradually instructions for the procedures to become member.
When Will I Get My AARP Membership Card?

AARP ID is a personal code which confirms your subscription on the platform. AARP code is sent 15 days later when subscription is processed and all information is confirmed valid and genuine.

How do I renew my membership?

Subscribers onto shanghai GANI marketing network platform will receive automatic notifications, that would remind them to renew their membership.

Members shall fill in the online application form, and then, they might submit directly on the platform their application form. Payments are effective directly on the platform through Bank Transfer , Paypal, Wechat, Alipay.

 Western union is offline option, then scan slip to

Customers reviews

Shanghai Gani Consulting Help me to Open my Company In South Africa and Senegal.
Steve Roll
Director Manager
I help Shanghai Gani to deploy, optimize, and maintain their infrastructure in order to run their business properly in China.
Bika Armand
Cloud Engineer
I am happy that I had the opportunity to work with To get an Scholarship to China Where I spend Three years and after My graduation I Open my Company Through Shanghai Gani Consulting.